Published On: Mon, Jan 5th, 2015

Capicu Culture & Wendy Angulo Productions Announce Strategic Partnership

Leading Cultural Production Companies Launch Collaboration To Advance Opportunities For Performing Poets, Artists Musicians.

Brooklyn, NY – January 5th, 2015 (For Immediate Release)


As it enters its 8th year, Capicu Culture- known for its People’s Open Mic series, online Radio Capicu broadcasts and The ‘School of Poetic Arts’ workshop series- has embarked upon a strategic partnership with Wendy Angulo Productions, the team behind the annual Canvas of Words: A Queens Arts & Poetry Festival, and the new Canvas of Words Poetry Tour which will feature established poets from across New York City including Advocate of Wordz, Peggy Robles-Alvarado, Bonafide Rojas, Roya Marsh, Ngoma Hill, Maria Rodriguez, Thomas Fucaloro, Meriam Slim Rodriguez, Jamaal St. John, Chilo Cajigas, Anthony Morales, and Rich Villar. The purpose of the partnership between these leaders of live event production is to share marketing strategies and resources that will expand the audience to multiple locations, enhance the overall scope of their cultural work, and provide more opportunities for working artists.

 At the core of her mission statement Wendy Angulo states that she wishes to produce “collaborative events among established artists and emerging artists.”  A woman of her word, the visionary Wendy collaborated with award-winning poet Peggy Robles-Alvarado to produce the artistic cornucopia that is the Canvas Of Words Festival,  a series which represents the hard won fruits of our labor as creative arts emissaries.  Canvas started in Queens and has quickly achieved far-reaching impact with a roster of world class performers similar to Capicu which started in Brooklyn and counts among our community artists from all over the country.  Capicu Culture and Canvas of Words is a win/win situation, and in turn this a big win for New York City artists. PaPo Swiggity Santiago, Co-Founder Capicu Culture.

Details of the partnership have not been announced at this time but will be rolled out in phases and will leverage competencies with integrated marketing support, as well as larger scale themed collaborations.  In addition, we will seek to expand our digital offerings through Capicu’s existing live broadcast / on demand podcast.

“Since its creation Wendy Angulo Productions and Capicu Culture have built a strong relationship that lead to this strategic partnership. Partnerships like this are important to fortify our communities and provide artists,  arts’ entrepreneurs and audiences with broadening opportunities “.Wendy Angulo, CEO Wendy Angulo Productions


About Capicu Culture

CAPICUCULTURE1We are producers of diverse poetry and performing arts events in New York City, formed using the philosophies of the most progressive intellectual and artistic movements of the last century (i.e. The Harlem Renaissance, the Beat Poets, Black Arts Movement & most notably the Nuyorican Movement). We were founded in Brooklyn in March 2007 as an Open Mic & made our presence felt immediately by featuring both veterans as well as up-and-coming performers of spoken word, prominent visual artists, comedians, and select musical guests covering the genres of salsa, bomba y plena, progressive hip hop, and more. We have taken our brand to major academic institutions like New York University, Hunter College and Long Island University, and we have also taken our brand to major international corporations like National Grid Energy and Pepsi.

About Wendy Angulo Productions

endy Angulo Productions is an organization whose goal is to support, encourage, and promote poetry and visual arts through collaborative events amongst both established and emerging artists. We are a full service management company that offers bookings, production, event marketing, sponsorship and promotional services to Spoken Word and Visual Artists. Our mission is to identify, develop and maximize opportunities for creative talent across all media platforms. By working in partnership with our clients we can provide creative support alongside strategic business understanding.

Wendy Angulo Productions is Curator and Sole Owner of “Canvas of Words”, an annual Art & Poetry Festival that unites both poets and visual artists thru showcasing the vitality of the arts, in the borough of Queens.

Capicu Culture & Wendy Angulo Productions Announce Strategic Partnership