Published On: Sun, Jun 29th, 2014

Capicu Culture Co-Founder Papo Swiggity Santiago Featured In Short Documentary Film About Poetry


On Wednesday July 2nd from 6 to 8 pm at Bronx Art Space, we are very excited to present to you the short documentary film Wordmade, produced and directed by Fabian Caballero and Yolanda L. Rodríguez for Visiones Culturales.


This documentary explores the stories of 4 Latino poets living in New York and how poetry/language influenced their identities as activists and community builders, inspiring a new generation or wordmade poets! Wordmade features the stories of Jesus-Papoleto MelendezMyrna NievesPapo Swiggity Santiago and John Chance Acevedo. During these evening events there will be a panel discussion with director Fabian Caballero, Producer Yolanda Luz Rodriguez, Myrna Nieves, Mauricio Niebla and Dominican artist Miguel Luciano among others. The evening’s free events also include a brief artist talk. You can’t miss this!


This event is taking place on the 1st Wednesday of the Month so you can hop off the Bronx Art Trolley and join us at the BronxArtSpace. :0)



About Visiones Culturales

The purpose of Visiones Culturales, LLC is to awaken the Hispanic community’s desire and knowledge of arts. We would like to expose and educate the general audience on the wide scope of local Hispanic artists from poets, writers, painters, performers, dancers, musicians, and other unexposed art forms in the Bronx and the Westchester area. Our mission is to honor these local creators and amplify their work within the community. Offering both the community and local artists an opportunity for networking and entertainment through cultural events. Other services:

*workshops and educational events
*honoree events
*promote networking events and opportunities to motivate up and coming young artists
*online listings of local Hispanic/Latino artists

We created this organization because we saw the need for more involvement from the Latino community in artistic and cultural events.

Capicu Culture Co-Founder Papo Swiggity Santiago Featured In Short Documentary Film About Poetry