Published On: Sun, Feb 27th, 2011

Can’t Make Your Own Fresh Sofrito? Adornos Boricua Has An Option For Healthy Living…

There is a movement afoot to eat healthier as Latinos without disrupting our palettes to the foods we grew up. For many it is important to maintain our culinary culture while making healthy choices. Just recently we put together 5 Resources To Eat Latino Food and Stay Healthy!  One thing we have never discussed was seasonings, In Puerto Rico everything we cook pretty much starts with a good Sofrito.

My suegra in one of her conversations (probably inspired by an episode of Dr. Oz) questioned why we do not have organic versions of Sofrito. I explained that my "Mama" makes homemade organic Sofrito in Florida, growing all of her ingredients without pesticides…but the conversation made me curious as to if their are prepackaged organic versions for those that do not have the time to make their own Sofrito.

After a quick session "googleando" the subject,I found a company called Adorno Boricuas.

Adornos Boricua was founded by mother-daughter team Margie and Charlotte. This innovative team share an innate passion for flavorful Latino style dishes. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, they were exposed to the richness and plethora of fresh flavors from the local markets in the island. They recall dishes made with freshly picked recao and ajices dulces, flavors that could never be duplicated by processed ingredients. Not only were these culinary masterpieces delicious, but were also good for you!

Check them out…and let us know how good it is.

Here is a sample video from their YouTube Channel.

Buen Provecho…

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Can’t Make Your Own Fresh Sofrito? Adornos Boricua Has An Option For Healthy Living…