Published On: Sat, Dec 22nd, 2007

Brooklyn Cheers The Pa’l Pueblo Charity Event For Kids!

SofritoWire: December 2007
This year, not only does Santa Claus wear a Pava in Brooklyn, he definitely dances to hot salsa!

The Pa’l Pueblo Charity event held on Friday December 14th 2007; what an incredible success story! So many talented artists of different disciplines took the stage to stand in solidarity with the Capicu Poetry commitment to giving back to the community. Over a hundred kids had a Christmas this year due directly to our Pa’l Pueblo event.

The stage was set for a full scale parranda celebration. The native congas of Notice Lounge were now in the company of magnificent band instruments awaiting their masters calls.

At the door, you were greeted by the warm smiling faces of Bushwick United Headstart volunteers and their Family Coordinator, Jessica Arocho who would take your donations, answer any questions about the event and direct you to the heated trays of delicious arroz, pollo y pernil which were available all night for guests.

On a wall near the stage, one would see large posters of some of our event sponsors, Phi Iota Alpha, American Latino TV, and 5 Star Events.

As one looked around the lounge and saw all the familiar faces of the immediate neighborhood, most of which have never seen anything like Capicu Poetry in their whole lives in Brooklyn, right away we knew that this would indeed be a powerful, significant step towards our goal of community engagement and service. This is what the Pa’l Pueblo Charity represents. This is what we are about.

Showtime. After thanking our sponsors and our staff, Urban Jibaro introduced the evening by saying that due to the budget, we would be celebrating Noche Buena, Navidad, Ano Nuevo and Dia de Los Reyes all rolled up in one night, to which the crowd laughed and applauded. Jibaro introduces the Master Of Ceremony PaPo Swiggity, who immediately gets to work to whip the full house into a frenzy.

Here are some lines from the opening salvo:

“Let me tell you about this rumor I heard today,
I’m bringing you the best bochinche in NYC, uncut.
Are you guys ready for what I found out about cuz it’s tssssss hot..

Here it is.. (points to a man in the crowd, asks his name)
I heard that YOU are an ACTIVIST.
(does the same with 2 more people around the room)
The allegations are that tonight you aligned yourself with the
progressive Capicu movement.. yes! You, a Community Activist! An agent
of change. Think not? if you made a donation today, of toys, money, or time..
put your hands up for me. If you are a sponsor of this event, or an artist,
musician, or brought someone with you, thus making you a
promoter.. put your hands up. By your participation, you are directly
responsible for the positive emotional welfare of a child in Brooklyn
who otherwise may not have had a holiday this year, so give yourselves
a round of applause! And we’re not stopping here, are we?”

PaPo then tells the crowd that they are now infused with the spirit of the Civil Rights Era Black Panthers, Brown Berets and Young Lords who were all about assuring community control, and gets them to pump their
fist into the air and yell out “Pa’l Pueblo!” and “Capicu!” What a sight.

The energy was high, and right away the stage bursts into live parranda
music by the legendary Joe Falcón & the Coco Rico band. Falcón’s bass guitar stood as tall and proud as he, as they swayed together to form the rhythmic dance of music making. We were certainly not surprised that salsa dancing broke out in the middle of the party, as this is becoming a ritual of the Capicu community since MelleSol and Canella had their salsa dance-off in September.

The range of artists was astounding. Conscious hip hop, reggaeton, poetry, comedy, salsa y parranda, Taino art and revolutionary urban art. All delivered as promised by Capicu Poetry, making them indeed the Capicu Cultural Showcase. There were music performances by Peruvian female hip hop artist IllFamed, the hip hop poet OL SoUL who set spoken word to a hip hop beat, a reggaeton performance by La Vision and stand up comedy by Edgar Rivera (of Tangana Comedy; Nuyorican Poets Cafe). Our Poetry session included powerful spoken word by Blaze-A-Page, poet/musician Bonafide Rojas of The Mona Passage, Brooklyn’s own Conan, Canella (“but he is not a poet”) and poet/painter/playwright (from the Dominican Republic) Yubelky Rodriguez.

We were also honored to feature the urban fashion of 1Soul Designs, a fellow progressive Brooklyn Boricua company which challenges the media, fashion industry, and implements programs for neighborhood High School teens (and, in fact, throughout Latin America) to learn the fashion craft.

More highlights of the evening included the spontaneous collaboration of Edwin Berroa (of 5 Star Events) playing congas with Coco Rico, comedian Edgar Rivera’s hysterical performance as he poked fun at the crowd, The Taino Godfather Kahayarix (of Despierta Boricua) coming through with big red bags full of toys! They came from a host of organizations connected to Kahayarix and Taino Spirit from the Lower East Side to Yonkers. Last but not least, artists Reina Miranda & Aguilar Marrero (from Taino Spirit) raffling off their hand painted Taino themed denim jackets. This stunning artwork helped Capicu Poetry raise an additional $400.00 to buy toys for the Bushwick United kids, and we thank them deeply for showing such strong support for the kids and offering their creations to our public.

Indeed, a magical night in a sense, if you consider a handful of people set out to bring Christmas to over 100 kids, and to have done so succesfully. We want to thank all who showed support, and we’ll see you at our New Years Open Mic on Friday, January 18th, 2008. Happy Holidays to you and yours from the staff at Capicu Poetry!

This event was made possible via sponsorships from the following
entities, Notice Lounge, LatiNation, American Latino TV,, Blaze – A Page Graphics, 5 Star Events, Phi
Iota Alpha Fraternity Inc, Hermandad De Sigma Iota Alpha Sorority Inc,
Exit Studios,, Aguilar Marerro & Reina Miranda from
Taino Spirit, The United Confederation of Taino People, Raul Rios from
Despierta Boricua, Pathmark, Rachael Strauss (People in Espanol) and

Brooklyn Cheers The Pa’l Pueblo Charity Event For Kids!