Published On: Sun, Mar 31st, 2013

Book Bobby Gonzalez For Your Latino Heritage Event

 Bobby Gonzalez is a sought after multicultural diversity speaker and travels throughout the nation speaking on the topics of Native American History, Diversity and Multi-Culturalism. If you’re interested in booking Bobby Gonzalez to speak at your multi-cultural conference or diversity seminar as a professional keynote speaker, Professional conference speaker and creator of the Latino Quote Of The Day section on Sofrito For Your Soul.

Among the programs in his repertoire are: 

“Reconnect to Your Roots: Create a Powerful Future by Drawing on Your Heritage.”

“From the South Bronx to Yale University & Carnegie Hall: Personal Stories of Challenges and Accomplishments.”

“Why Latinos are Not ‘Spanish’: The Rich Cultural Diversity of Hispanics.”

“The Taino: The Native Americans Who Discovered Columbus and Transformed the World.”

“Afro-Native Americans: The Journey of Black Indians.”

“¡Somos Indios!: The Native American Heritage of Latinos.”

He has given presentations at:

Carnegie Hall

The National Museum of the American Indian

The Museum of Television and Radio

The University of Alabama-Huntsville

The Detroit Institute of Arts

University of Alaska-Fairbanks

Yale University.


“As an individual proud of his Native American, Latino, African and European

ancestry, Bobby Gonzalez is a messenger of hope, pride and love of diversity.”

 Interested in Booking Bobby Gonzalez?  Contact: with details of your event.
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Book Bobby Gonzalez For Your Latino Heritage Event