Published On: Wed, Mar 12th, 2014

Blogger Toolbox: Getty Images Makes Stock Photos Free For Bloggers!

I love to spread good news… especially when it is something that will help bloggers increase the quality of their blogs. Getty Images has decided to withdraw their army of lawyers that have scoured the internet looking for copyright infringing bloggers. This means you can now LEGALLY use any of their millions of images in their catalog for non-commercial use on your blog. The catch? Not much of a catch at all… instead of “right clicking” and hitting that save button (which will cuase you legal headaches…) you can simply use their simple EMBED option. This esentially means that the images are hosted on Getty’s servers and not yours. Im my opinion not a bad compromise at all… now you have to go back into your archives and start refreshing your blog with legal images.

Click here to read the full story at Business Week! 

Anyone can now visit its website, grab some embed code, and display an image on blogs and social media pages without paying a licensing fee. As a technological feat, of course, embeddable media is unremarkable. It’s a basic feature on YouTube andTwitter (TWTR) and many other major websites. Yet it marks an unlikely pivot for Getty, which makes its money selling permission to use photos from its vast library of work from more than 150,000 individuals, stock photo agencies, and media organizations. Creating an embedding tool is a tacit acknowledgment that Getty simply can’t police the use of its images to the four corners of the Internet.

Since It Can t Sue Us All  Getty Images Embraces Embedded Photos   Businessweek

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Blogger Toolbox: Getty Images Makes Stock Photos Free For Bloggers!