Published On: Thu, Oct 29th, 2009

Papi has a brand new blog….

Mi Gente…

It has been a tough few days for Latinos in the media and I have been very critical of CNN and the Latinos In America series. I have had this website for more than 13 years and I have never let the website dwell on boycotts and political statements. Instead I have pushed harder to promote positive Latinos in our communities. Let’s explore why…

This website evolved based on a few needs in our community

  • Latinos wanted to connect with their culture.
  • Latinos want to connect with other Latinos with similar interests.
  • We have talent in our community not highlighted consistently in traditional media.
  • There are people out there that love our culture and want to connect with us.

These needs are still very real today, our membership is up 27% over
last year, we have increased our presence in the social playgrounds you
use. You have said very loud and clear that you want to continue to explore the evolution of our culture.

With that said, I love this website and every reader who has ever supported me so
instead of complaining on the social web forever about how these
networks “wrong” us by reinforcing stereotypes, I have decided to
instead “Be the change I want to see in the world” in the spirit of
Mahatma Gandhi and  launch a new blog called “Social Sofrito” that amongst other things will touch on subjects like how Latinos are portrayed in the media. This blog will also provide consulting opportunities for those that want to increase their visibility online. This blog will allow me to fully concentrate on the mission of this site which is and always will be bringing you the best of what nuestra gente have to offer.

I decided to do this after much dialogue with many friends on twitter and facebook but I was specifically inspired by my twitter buddy Julio Varela (@julito77) who launched blog post mashing up some incredible success stories from Latinos all over the country. It is time that we intensified our efforts to increase our own visibility in the media especially if the networks we have supported refuse to do so.

So thank you so much for sticking with me while I was figuring this all out…and for those of you interested in that conversation about Social Media…. here is my first post…. Papi Has A Brand New Blog….

As I am,

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Papi has a brand new blog….