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Art By Mia: In Her Own Words

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Brooklyn born Latina Painter, Writer and Mixed Media Artist. It was with my family that I first learned to appreciate the importance of an artistic community. Being surrounded by so many creative people provided me with a nurturing artistic environment that encouraged me to explore and learn without boundaries.
Growing up in Brooklyn taught me the value of diversity but my Mom taught me how to fight the battles of life and survive the wars. She is my Goddess and Warrior. Trips to the park with her were excursions and the clouds were not just clouds but shapes and forms with endless possibilities. She taught us to see things with an open mind and to never be afraid to try new things.
 I am blessed to have had the opportunity to travel through Europe and Latin America. During my travels I have visited the world’s most treasured pieces in history like … the Mona Lisa, Winged Victory, Michael Angelo’s David, The Sistine Chapel, Venus Di Milo and to view art by Obed Gomez,  Frida Kahlo, Rafael Tufino, Goya, Diego Rivera and so much more.  Many artists have played a big role in inspiring me for instance the works of Frida Kahlo and Rafael Tufino, but the main inspiration source of my art is Culture, Global issues, Female Empowerment and Global issues pertaining to the treatment of Women and GIRLS.  Having the opportunity to meet women from all over the world during my travel taught me how to appreciate and celebrate the Divine Goddess within us all regardless where we come from. So my true inspiration for my art is Women… her struggle, her life… her culture… family, passion… her motivation to move forward regardless of her obstacle. With this I was inspired to create a Goddesses and Warrioress Series which reflect the women I meet during my travels and read about. My Goddesses and Warrioress Series came about when I realized the struggles and strengths of women on a global level, especially women of color. My mission is to create a lifelong collection of images, sculptures, altars and artful renditions of the Goddess and Warrioress, she comes in so many forms and shapes as an infinite blessing to this universe and I would love nothing more than to celebrate her through art with the world.

My love of creativity does not stop at writing or painting but it continues with body adornment. My wearable art is purposefully created as unique pieces to be worn by Goddesses of all cultures and walks of life. My main source of inspiration is the diversity in women, cultures and the cycle of life. This earth is filled with beauty and while the media showcases the evil, ugly and ravaged I use the beauty as my inspiration and palette to create Wearable Art Pieces. I enjoy creating one of a kind jewelry pieces and wearable art that make you feel special, unique… A Goddess…. and when she steps out in her piece of wearable Art By Mia she is celebrating her inner Goddess. For centuries women have been adorning their bodies with jewelry, tattoos, colorful clothing and in some cultures a little more elaborate than others. This is the beauty of being WOMAN/GODDESS… Art is Life and we are the canvas so as we decorate, design and create we grow, move and celebrate it to its fullest.

If I had to sum up my inspirations into one word it would be “Life”. The driving force behind my work is very personal. It is an influence of family, culture and a deep sense of spirituality. WE are ONE and will RISE AS ONE!!!

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Art By Mia: In Her Own Words