Published On: Mon, Mar 29th, 2010

Are You “FUDGING” Kidding Me, A Scarface School Play?

 "Mommy when I grow up…I wanna be…TONY MONTANA…."


As if our kids were not making enough decisions daily based on the glorification of the hustler culture. I have not much to say other than I wish to sit down with each of their parents to find out how they can justify allowing their children to make this video.

I want to be clear, I am not stating that SCARFACE is a Latino film or that Scarface is a Latino character…because we all know that Al Pacino's portrayal of Tony Montana is far from any Cuban or Latino that either of us know.

I would feel the same if it were a Godfather or a New Jack City Play…it is just wrong…on a universal I want my kids to not get caught up in the street game kind of way. me entiendes

I hope this is a hoax…and it is just a few idiot parents as opposed to a whole PTA worth of them.

Special thanks to @mashable for posting this….

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Are You “FUDGING” Kidding Me, A Scarface School Play?