Published On: Sun, Nov 14th, 2010

Answering Reader’s Questions… What is Daily Sofrito?

Paper.li_-531x300 First of all I want to apologize to anyone that is still waiting on a reply from an email…I am about 48 hours behind in answering mail. I try to be as diligent as possible in answering your emails and filling requests.

This week was unique as I got basically the same question from 5 different readers. The exchange below is a edited transcript of my conversation with Rudy and Carmen S. (oh and lets not forget, Buster their puppy) from Tacoma Washington via Skype (UrbanJibaro)

The question was "What is Daily Sofrito, and how is it different from your existing blog?"

So Daily Sofrito is a new point of distribution for cultural news / items of interest in the Latino community that is curated thru twitter and people / blogs that I follow.

How does it work?

Well I created a twitter account (@DailySofrito) that will only follow blogs that normally provide info that I think you might find useful and/or entertaining and I utilize PAPER.LI to compile that info into a daily digest or electronic newspaper.

But you have your own website, why not just post the articles there?

For a few reasons, the content already exists on quality blogs, the process of asking for permission to repost can be a bit cumbersome and finally because as I mentioned in my blog post (Why other bloggers think I am crazy) You are my reader and my job is always to deliver you the  best of what our culture has to offer whether it comes my blog or other cultural blogs I like.

Do I need Twitter?

No…that is the other reason for me putting it together, it allows me to give access to some of the great content that I read everyday on twitter for those that do not use twitter.

Will this replace Sofrito For Your Soul?

Not at all, this is a compliment to our growing points of distribution to everything beautiful our culture has to offer and a great way for me to help promote other bloggers whose work I admire.


Visit the page by clicking here… Daily Sofrito

Thank you both for reaching out!

I want to say that I had an incredible conversation with this NY Couple that relocated to Tacoma, Washington and most of it revolved around the things that they used to have access to in New York that are simply not available to them where they live.

At the end of our video chat, they thanked me for providing them a way to reconnect and shortly after the call donated $25.00 to our paypal account to help Sofrito For Your Soul stay online. I am extremely grateful for their generosity.

If you want to make a donation….

Please consider making a contribution today!

Thank you for empowering us to continue to enrich the lives of all those looking to feed their souls with the best of Latino culture on the web!

All donors will be recognized on our website for contributing to the mission.


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Answering Reader’s Questions… What is Daily Sofrito?