Published On: Mon, Jun 22nd, 2015

My Opinion: All Latinas Should Be Required To Go To Summer School!

I wish I could have seen your face as you clicked this link…

In this case, Summer School can help you help you really get your financial house in order. Check out the next three classes my friend Nely Galán has to offer. I hope that you attend these sessions, but more importantly – that you take her advice and put it into practice.

It is your time ladies…

George Torres

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“It’s time to go get your own chips!” That is what Nely Galán’s boss told her when he sold the company and left her out in the cold. At that moment Galán decided to start her own business. “I didn’t make any money for four years, but I persevered and now own several very successful businesses,” said Galán. “Today, I am on a mission to help other Latinas think big, start businesses and live rich lives – in every way.”

Galán brings that mission to life through The Adelante Movement, an organization she founded in partnership with Coca-Cola that unites and empowers Latinas economically and entrepreneurially. Adelante is a program within The Coca-Cola Company 5by20 initiative, which aims to empower 5 million women entrepreneurs by the year 2020.

This summer, Adelante presents “The Adelante Movement Summer School with Nely”, a series of three live webinars that kicks off June 30 at 10 a.m. PST / 1 p.m. EST. These webinars will provide access to entrepreneurship trainings to thousands or women across the country – will you be one of them?

“We want Latinas to feel they are not alone,” says Galán. “We can learn together and become empowered with the tools and resources needed to pursue our entrepreneurial dreams, become self-made and achieve economic freedom.”

Please join The Adelante Movement & Coca-Cola for these dynamic webinars. Feel free to invite your friends and family to join, too. Register today at no cost at www.TheAdelanteMovement.Com.  Read below to learn more about what each webinar is all about.

The Adelante Movement Summer School with Nely

  1. MONEY – FIND IT TODAY! June 30, 2015 at 10 – 11 a.m. PST / 1 – 2 p.m. EST  
    Start a Business Today! This class will explore Ebay, Amazon, AirBNB, UBER, Craigslist, and other shared economy platforms to make money while we sleep. Participants will learn how to go on a treasure hunt through their house and walk away with cash for a new business.
  2. IN YOUR PAIN IS YOUR BRAND August 19, 2015 at 10 a.m. PST / 1 p.m. EST
    Participants will discover how to explore their pain to create a brand. Class covers how to get brands out there using social media, how to become a local star, how to put yourself out there for TV, events, speaking engagements, radio. Special guest Sheila Conlin – Hollywood’s “Reality TV“ casting director.
  3. HOW TO BECOME A RICH LATINA September 2, 2015 at 10 a.m. pst / 1 p.m. est
    Wealth Building. Learn how to invest $5.00 each week and become a millionaire. Optimize your relationship with your bank. Don’t buy shoes buy buildings, insurance, and bonds, so you can MAKE MONEY.


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My Opinion: All Latinas Should Be Required To Go To Summer School!