Published On: Sat, Jul 16th, 2016

Add Some “Sofrito” To Your Latino Heritage Event

13256408_10154237328694169_5144755936567508452_nWhy? Because Mama Taught Me Everything I Know About Social Media (and Sofrito).

All jokes aside,

If I only had a dollar for every time I heard…

Why do you use “Sofrito” in your branding?

Do you sell Sofrito? Do you own the Sofrito restaurant?

These are questions I get every time I say my companies name… even close friends and family are just now realizing what it is I really do. Sofrito is such a powerful word that means so much to so many people, it always brings a smile to their face.

So why did I pick “Sofrito” as my marketing analogy?

My Grandmother taught me everything I know about Social Media.

Well, not exactly. As a child, when I watched her cook, she did teach me a valuable lesson. She taught me to always focus on having a strong foundation. She taught me this lesson by showing me the attention to detail she had when making her Sofrito… the foundation for every delicious meal she ever fed me. She also reinforced these lessons by casting a shadow of a leader and being an amazing community builder in Bownsville / East New York, two of NYC’s historically disenfranchised communities for over 30 years.

My time in the kitchen made me realize that LOVE + SOFRITO = SABOR, the kind of flavor that was viral in a time way before social media. She built her brand around this concept and to this day (over 30 years later), my childhood friends still tell me how much they miss her cooking.

I started Sofrito Media Group, Inc just as I was becoming an established voice in the Latino Cultural scene.  For those of you who do not know me, I am a bi-lingual social media / cultural consultant, who in the late 90’s, captured attention on the internet with my personal mission statement of “connecting Latinos to their culture”. It all started with my personal poetry site, Sofrito For Your Soul, that would eventually become the cornerstone of my brand. I have always drawn inspiration from my personal connection to his cultural heritage. Having been raised alternately between New York and Puerto Rico, I was a living embodiment of the Nuyorican experience earning me the nickname “Urban Jibaro”.

George Torres urbanjibaro • Instagram photos and videos

sofritomedialogoWhat is Sofrito Media Group?

My creative vision is the blueprint for Sofrito Media Group and it’s growing portfolio of new media products and services. I have spent the last 20 years developing branded projects that appeal to the Latino / Hispanic segment sometimes even behind the scenes. These include the online blog Sofrito For Your SoulRadio Capicu as well as Capicu Poetry & Cultural Showcase, a partnership that develops and produces live cultural events. The evolution continues as I have partnered with my Capicu Co-Founder Juan Papo Santiago, Jani Rose and Rich Villar to take our self funded School of Poetic Arts (#LaSopaNYC) currently residing at the Loisaida Center in NYC and move to make it a full fledged STEAM institution within our community.

Over the years, I have received some pretty humbling awards including Comite Noviembre’s “Lo Mejor De Nuestra Comunidad (The Best Of Our Community)” Award, The 2013 Positive Impact Award, 2015 Latin Trends Blogger of the Year just to name a few. I remain strongly committed to the Latino community and am currently developing Social Media strategy for the Por Tu Familia / NYC Initiative for the American Diabetes Association, a project I have been working for almost 6 years. I have also served as a partner/advisor to other community collectives including the CASA ANA Project / Dominican Republic, NY Director of  LATISM (Latinos In Social Media) and over the past 5 years, I have held several positions at Hispanicize, the largest annual event for Latino trendsetters and newsmakers in digital content creation, journalism, marketing, entertainment and tech entrepreneurship.

I  have lectured, conducted workshops and participated on panels at many educational institutions including Fuerza Latina (SUNY Albany), Columbia University, NYU, Michigan State University and El Centro De Estudios Puertoriqueños and many more. I have also hosted ideation and think tank sessions for major brands and community organizations looking to transform how they connect with Latino audiences.

2 years ago, it all changed…

2 years ago, I left corporate America (and an amazing 10 year management at T-Mobile USA) to pursue this passion and I decided to add social media consulting services to my portfolio, so that I can train and develop entrepreneurs businesses and non profits to effectively execute campaigns that build brand awareness in niche markets.

Most recently, I have provided social media amplification services for organizations like The National Puerto Rican Day Parade (3 years), El Centro de Estudios Puertoriqueños Special Events and just to name a few.

I am truly living my passion

That all said, I am ready for you to hire me.

Latino Heritage Month is right around the corner…

I am available for speaking engagements, ideation / think tank sessions, social media audits, brand ambassadorships, sponsored trips, test drives, conference panels, FAM trips and anything else you can conceive where my skill set will add value to your work and inspire.

I continue to incorporate Mama’s kitchen culture in how I build my brand and now after nearly 20 years of success in the digital world, I am ready to share my insight and help you build your brand using my award winning storytelling and relationship building techniques.

Let’s talk about how I can build value for you and your team.
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Add Some “Sofrito” To Your Latino Heritage Event