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Act now – Adopt a bodega – and encourage it to stock healthier foods!

This post highlights a program that NYC Dept. Of Health & Mental Hygiene is promoting in key areas of New York… but regardless of where you are… this info is valuable and could help you make a difference in the community you live in.

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Fbnyc Do you wish that your corner store or bodega carried healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grain bread, low-fat milk and other dairy products, and low-salt and no-sugar-added canned goods?

The Health Department’s Healthy Bodegas Initiative can help you work with local stores to increase healthy offerings.  Its Adopt-A-Bodega program provides people and community organizations with the tools and support necessary to build relationships with bodegas and show community interest and demand for healthy foods.

The Healthy Bodegas Initiative is currently working in East Harlem, the South Bronx and Central Brooklyn. Community groups in the 10029, 10457, 10460, 11221 and 11206 zip codes are being targeted to participate in the Adopt a Bodega campaigns. Organizations that participate in Adopt-a-Bodega are provided with:

  • Information about food access issues affecting your neighborhood.
  • Help in creating an action plan and timeline for doing outreach to the adopted store.
  • Support and help in carrying out the action plan.
  • Suggestions on promoting the adopted store within your organization.
  • Strategies for approaching and building relationships with local bodega owners.

Want to learn more about Adopt-a-Bodega? Email us at

Even if you are not in one of our target areas, you, too, can “adopt” your neighborhood store and support it in stocking healthier foods. Gather your family, friends, and community members, and talk with your local store owner about carrying healthier foods. If you show the store that there is demand in the community, it will likely respond by stocking the items you request! Mail the cards below to your local bodega to show that there is demand for low-fat milk and/or fresh fruits and vegetables. You can order more postcards by calling 311 (keyword: postcard).

Low-fat milk card

Fruits and vegetables card


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Act now – Adopt a bodega – and encourage it to stock healthier foods!