Published On: Thu, May 24th, 2007

About Us

My name is George Torres aka The Urban Jibaro and I am the man behind Sofrito For Your Soul and half the creative force behind the Capicu Poetry & Cultural Showcase as well as the @UrbanJibaro twitter account




Sofrito For Your Soul is an online magazine that promotes the evolution of Latino culture in the United States. Our mission is to share the spirit of our heritage through art, fashion, music, dance, traditions,and emerging trends. We strive to offer Latinos a chance to reconnect with their heritage and extend an invitation to other cultures to experience the beauty of everything we have to offer.


Sofrito For Your is also a community based website that promotes our cultural heritage and allows us to know how to locate resources that can help us with the different challenges that we face, day by day. Those challenges include education equality, racism, immigrant workers rights, career advancement, The lack of Latino History in our schools, police brutality, participation in the political process and the list goes on.




The earliest incarnation of this website was born on 1997 at the campus of SUNY Old Westbury as a webpage on the now defunct Geocities platform. It began as a personal website to share my poetry and thoughts about Latino culture similar to what is today considered a blog. After catching the attention of several student organizations, it was not long before I was accepting submissions from fellow students from campuses all over the country. Today we have a reader base of Latino’s in over 50 countries all over the world.




The concept of Sofrito For Your Soul was born through my personal struggle of being a NY born Puerto Rican (Nuyorican) and my evolution to the realization that there is a bigger picture…that I am Latino and that we do have culture. That culture is not just “living la vida loca” but living una vida…full of our heritage. The site is intended to be a cultural exchange for a growing community of US born Latinos, to share ideas, experiences and knowledge to those who are struggling with their own identities.




“La Cocina” de Sofrito For Your Soul is based out of Freeport Long Island.






This website continues to be shaped by every individual, group, family, fraternity, sorority, organization, association and every collective that descend from our America Latina.


I challenge you to contribute and continue to make it a a pillar of the Latino presence online…and beyond.


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Gracias for your continued support.


As I am,


George L. Torres
The Urban Jibaro


Founder of Sofito Media Group

About Us