Published On: Thu, Jun 6th, 2013

AARP Launches Life Reimagined: Helping Seniors See What’s Out There!


Since the 1950’s  AARP has been dedicated to providing services and benefits to people over 50. The mission statement of this non governmental organization is clear. AARP is, “Dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all as we age”. That is a beautiful and powerful concept for a country who all too often, forgets about the needs and desires of our elders.


Members of AARP can enjoy a wide range of perks such as discounts for entertainment, travel and consumer goods. They also have access to long-term care, supplemental health insurance and various other services that can help ensure their lives. Many of the services they provide can be deemed as practical and geared toward everyday living. However, there is a new movement being fueled by AARP. A movement that promises to provide inspiration and direction for a new phase of living, a Life ReImagined.

To launch Life ReImagined, AARP gathered bloggers, members of their team and notable celebrity ambassadors to discuss it’s mission and vision. We learned that Life ReImagined is all about embracing change and that setting sail in a new direction is possible at any age. Even better, there is a new website, that can help members navigate this shift.

Members of any age can begin by signing up, for FREE on their bright, and user friendly website. Through the use of clickable words and images, users are guided through a questionnaire that gets them to think about their talents and goals in a whole new way. The online resource also suggests activities that can help make that change a reality. Additionally, Online “sounding boards” assist in providing a support system where users can interact, offer advice and keep track of their progress.


I had the pleasure of catching up with Life ReImagined Ambassadors, Dan Marino and Emilio Estefan Jr. They were chosen for their ability to transform their careers throughout the various phases of life. I was curious to know if they had any mantras or tips for people who want to ReImagine their lives. This is what they had to share:

“Don’t let anything ever get you down. There are going to be tough times,  everyone has had tough times. You have to keep going. Start thinking about what’s next and who is going to help you. Make a commitment to yourself and to your goals.” -Dan Marino

 “For me, leaving my country was a time when I had to start over and ReImagine Life. One of the most important things is when people tell you NO, it’s not possible. That’s when you must become persistent. Do the things that you love. When you love what you are doing, that is when it all works out. ”  -Emilio Estefan Jr.

-Rebecca Gitana Torres

Interior and Lifestyle Designer Rebecca Gitana Torres is a creation of urban New York, who grew up “having nothing, yet having it all.” It is this same appreciation and fervor for life that makes her design house, LifeStyle Remix, so unique. She will soon be a household name… connect with her on twitter  @LifeStyle_Remix and at her blog . We are proud to have her collaborate with #TeamCapicu on behalf of Sofrito For Your Soul.

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AARP Launches Life Reimagined: Helping Seniors See What’s Out There!