Published On: Tue, Dec 16th, 2014

A Quick Snapshot of Hispanic Health in America, The Results May Alarm You!

America’s Health Rankings days ago released their results providing us detailed historic and comprehensive data of how we measure up when it comes to health in our communities across the country. The interesting thing about data like this is that we do not really know what to do with it as individuals. I personally have had major health setbacks in the past three years or so and became curious as to what AHR has to say about our community and how healthy we are.

I thought we can all find value in discussing some of the common denominators that exists in some of our communities when it comes to health.

As a result, I managed to get my hands on some infographics that have specific data we can talk about.

We learned that as far as Hispanic populations that Texas, California, New Jersey and New York have all seen significant improvements in their rankings and Colorado, one of the top 10 Hispanic populated states is the healthiest holding down the #8 spot.

AHR 2014 General English

Let’s dig deeper…

the preceding info was about states, that include Latinos but does not tell us where we stand with three

MAJOR health issues that plague our community –> BTW –> all three are also part of my personal health battles.


Hispanics have the highest rate of Obesity in the country.

AHR 2014 obesity_english

Cardiovascular Health

Hispanics face higher risks of cardiovascular  diseases because of issues with high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes. 

Hispanic Women are likely to develop heart disease 10 years earlier than their Caucasian counterparts.

AHR 2014 cardio_info_english

Diabetes, as you know is my nemesis.

Mexican & Puerto Ricans are 2.4 times more likely to have Diabetes than non- Hispanic whites.

30% of adult Hispanics have Diabetes but do not know they do. Lack of access to healthcare,

education and poverty all big factors when it comes to these results.

AHR 2014 diabetes_english

So now we know what is happening in our community as far our health is concerned, now it is time for each of us to look inward to our own personal health and make changes.  I urge you to please get a full physical and address any issues you have with your health that you have been putting on the back burner.



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A Quick Snapshot of Hispanic Health in America, The Results May Alarm You!