Published On: Sun, Jul 18th, 2010

A heartfelt confession… I am sorry…

Hispanickitchen  “Every time I try to get out…they pull me back in.”

In the interest of providing each of you with quality content I made a decision a few months back. I decided that I would not join any new social networks so that I can really focus on the blog, our facebook fans and all my twitter peeps. For weeks…all kinds of ideas came to me…and I stayed strong in my resolve to ensure that the next network I joined was justified and not just another page that just exists… then the unexpected happened.

In searching for some delicious recipes for some of our readers that currently reside in the UK, I stumbled upon a website called Hispanic Kitchen that I could not resist. The website has all the flavors I crave…all in one place…a collective of recipes  that truly reflects our culinary heritage. So I joined…and discovered that many of the prominent chefs that I have followed for years like Chef Elsie & Denise Oller are featured members. 

So to give you a quick overview, it is basically a social network that your friends, instead of poking you, having pillow fights or inviting you to their farm…allow you to explore some of their personal talents en la cocina. They have amazing pictures to accompany the recipes and readers often share best practices and resources that will help them become the center of attention at any dinner party.

My life may never be the same…not only am I going to make this part of my weekly reading list…I am gonna bring all of you with me. I will be sharing blog posts with you from this wonderful site from time to time…I am not gonna be the only one to enjoy this guilty pleasure.

Visit Hispanic Kitchen now….

Buen Provecho

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A heartfelt confession… I am sorry…