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5 Latino Health Resources You Should Bookmark Now (Inspired by #Latism)

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Today is just my second day blogging since getting out of the hospital and it so happened that my friends at #Latism had a twitter party today. The topic of the party was Latino Health, a topic I have been getting more involved in even before I got sick.

Inspired by all the great dialog, I decided to put together a quick post highlighting some great resources that I know that address some of the diseases Latinos tend to suffer from in disproportion to other races/ethnicities.

Please use the comment section to add other resources for our readers to bookmark. 

Special thanks to LATISM for engaging the Latino community in this very important dialog.

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5 Latino Health Resources You Should Bookmark (Inspired by #Latism)

1 – Salud Today –

The SaludToday blog, part of, is an interactive, online forum dedicated to stimulating an ongoing discussion among Latino families, community leaders, health researchers and all others who are interested in improving the health of Latinos across the U.S.

By bringing you the latest stories, news and events regarding Latino health and encouraging you to make comments, give us your feedback and contribute your insight and stories, we hope we can make huge leaps in improving Latino health.

2- Hispanic Latino Health –


The mission of Hispanic Latino Health is to provide health information via the Internet to all, with a focus on the Hispanic/Latino community in the United States.


The vision of Hispanic Latino Health is to be recognized as a leading health information source.

To accomplish this, Hispanic Latino Health will:

  • Promote good health practices.
  • Promote optimal wellness.
  • Provide quality health information on website.

3- Por Tu Familia – 

Many Latinos feel guilty spending time and money on personal health. They feel selfish putting their own health care ahead of their family’s needs. The opposite should be true. The American Diabetes Association is here for your family, but we want to bring the message home that you should take care of your diabetes or prevent yourself from developing it, for your family’s sake too. Your family needs you to be healthy and feeling your best, so that you can be there for them. That’s why the new name for ADA’s Latino Initiatives health campaign is Por tu familia — or “for your family” in English.

4- Latino Nutrition Coalition

Oldways is an internationally respected non-profit, with the mission to change the way people eat through practical and positive programs grounded in science, traditions, and delicious foods and drinks. As the creators of the Mediterranean Foods Alliance, the Whole Grains Council, and the Latino Nutrition Coalition, we have also been credited with successfully translating the complex details of nutrition science into the familiar language of food. You may have seen our Mediterranean Diet Pyramid at the grocery store or in your favorite health magazine. (Thanks to TargetLatino for recommending this link)

5- Go Red Por Tu Corazon

Our mission is to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. That single purpose drives all we do. The need for our work is beyond question. 

Latinos are twice as likely to leave the doctor’s office with their questions un-asked and/or unanswered. Bridge that gap withHeart360 — an online health management system that helps you track and share your information with your healthcare provider. It’s available now in English and Spanish.


Love to cook Latino? Want to make what you love healthier? Here is a BONUS 5 free recipe books to help you get on the road to eating healthier without sacrificing your culinary culture. If you want to hear a special podcast on Latino Health – Click Here!!!

If that link does not work…try this one….

5 Resources To Eat Latino Food and Stay Healthy!

(updated with Podcast)

Compiled by George “Urban Jibaro” Torres

1. Delicious Heart Healthy Latino Recipes/Platillos latinos sabrosos y saludables (bilingual English, Spanish) Provides recipes for 26 popular easy to prepare taste-tested Latino dishes created in a heart healthy style (lower in fat and sodium than traditional versions). Includes heart healthy food substitutions, food safety, a glossary of international terms for Latino cuisine, and nutrient analyses. FREE PDF DOWNLOAD

Note: because we have such a large population of Afro-Latinos, I would be remiss if I did not include that guide too for so many of us that love African American cuisine. FREE PDF DOWNLOAD 

Source: National Heart Lung and Blood Insitute


2. Latino Living – A Guide to Better Health Through Traditional Food and Active Lifestyles – for both consumers and health professionals.

“Latino Living was originally designed for health professionals and dietitians, but it is so user friendly and simple that it’s perfect for consumers from coast to coast,” said Sara Baer-Sinnott, Executive Vice President of Oldways. READ ARTICLE

Source: Target Latino

3. Healthy Latin Cooking Subsitutes by Rosa Alonso 

Beef, tortillas, rice, queso, lechon and, yes, flan: how do you keep traditional Latino flavors minus the salt, grease and other artery-clogging ingredients? READ ARTICLE

Source: My Latino Voice

4. Free Recipes From Por Tu Familia / American Diabetes Association

For some people, control of the food is the hardest part of diabetes. But cooking healthy cooking does not mean tasteless. You may be wondering, “what I can eat?”. The good news is that you can still enjoy the foods you like, as seen in the delicious recipes we offer. GET FREE RECIPES 

Source: Por Tu Familia

Note: I am the Social Media Manager and heavily involved with awareness in the NYC area. If you are interested in getting involved, please join our Facebook Group | Por Tu Familia NYC

5. The Camino Mágico (“Magic Road”) is our colorful and user-friendly bilingual supermarket shopping guide and meal planner, aimed at helping Latinos make better choices while at the supermarket. It includes general nutrition information, meal ideas, a weekly grocery list and exercise guidelines for leading a healthier lifestyle. FREE PDF DOWNLOAD

Source: Latino Nutrition


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5 Latino Health Resources You Should Bookmark Now (Inspired by #Latism)