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5 Fat Torching Cardio Exercises To Help You Lose Your Chichos!

Editor’s note: This year I made a promise to all of you that I fully intend on keeping… to bring you more info on Healthy Living. This has been a big focus for me personally so like most things in my life I choose to share with you. I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce Joey Olivo from Joey’s Gym Class. I met Joey a while back and offered him some direction as far as social engagement is concerned and in return he gave me some tips on healthier living. As time went on I really like how Joey has been growing his brand and how his following has responded. I reached out a few weeks back and extended an invite for him to collaborate on the blog, he accepted and a day later I was able to have him join me in Miami for the Hispanicize conference. Here is another blog highlighting healthy living.

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Hola mi gente!

Memorial Day is right around the corner. For many of us this is considered the “grand unveiling” of all the work you put into your body since January. Everything comes down to this one moment of glory when you get to show off how well you ate or how hard you trained. Whether you will be wearing a tight dress at a cousin’s barbecue or sporting a fresh tank top at a house party this is your moment. I have noticed many Latinos in the gym that stick to doing the same forms of cardio day in and day out, whether it is spending 60 minutes on the elliptical or taking a Zumba class three days a week.  There are only a few weeks left and in this post I will cover what are the 5 cardio exercises you as Latinos need to be doing today to change your routine get the fat melted off of your body asap!

1)      Jump Rope

This is one of those tools that people used as kids and forgot about it as they got older. Jumping rope is one of the simplest and most effective cardio conditioning tools out there. Start working with about 60 seconds of jumping rope followed by a 60 second rest, the work and rest together count as one round. Repeat this for 5 rounds. Progress this workout by adding 2 rounds each time you perform this routine. Simple, sweet, and highly effective. This can be performed anywhere from the gym to your backyard, take advantage!


2)      Outdoor Sprinting

Sprinting for fat loss is a favorite secret weapon of mine.  This can be a game changer in your “get lean” program. The intensity during sprinting is so high that (like weight training) only short bursts are needed.

Most people go too hard too fast when sprinting. The key is to start light and progress slowly each time you perform them.

Start with marking off 40m at a local track or football field. Then run 4 medium tempo (think like a fast paced jog) 40m sprints, you can build up speed gradually. Once you complete the 4 medium tempo sprints, the keep increasing your speed for another 4 sprints for a total of 8 sprints in this workout. Add 1 more round each week after.  Perform this routine 2-3x a week.


3)      Bike Sprints

Different from Spin Class because you make your own time and you push yourself. Bike sprints are perfect to make the shapely defined legs that all Latinas adore. Many people underestimate the power of the stationary bike and just go for long leisurely rides while reading a magazine. There is more to it than that!

Here is the secret formula to bike ride for fat burning –

Choose a bike and find a moderate to high intensity that you are comfortable with but will challenge you. Once you choose an intensity level, then complete a total of 5 miles as fast as you can. The next time you come back, try and beat your previous time.

This is the simplest program you could ever do to get the legs everybody wants. Get started today!


4)      Running Stairs

Staircases are everywhere. There is no excuse to avoid a cardio session just because you don’t have a treadmill in the house. Stairs are a very safe and effective way to get a huge calorie burn in a minimal amount of time. One of the best ways to run the staircase is to start with a 10 minute window of time. Run the stairs as fast as you safely can for ten minutes. Use varying speeds, for example try to jog up at a moderate speed for a few rounds, run up as fast as you can for a few rounds and even walk a few rounds. Add up how many rounds you completed in 10 minutes. The next time you do the stairs, try and add another round in the same time period. This is a readily available tool that is available for anyone, anywhere.

5)      Brisk Walking

Though not the most exciting option on the list, walking helps burn fat and has a host of other benefits. Get outside, and go for a walk around the neighborhood. Give yourself 30 minutes and walk at a brisk enjoyable pace. Keep it as a stress free, non-goal oriented workout. This will elevate the heart rate to an aerobic state that is perfect for a basic cardio routine. Walking will help burn any extra calories and is a safe, easy, and effective way to get some activity and fresh air. Go out and enjoy!



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5 Fat Torching Cardio Exercises To Help You Lose Your Chichos!