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5 Brothers of Phi Iota Alpha You Should Know About

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Saludos mi gente…

I want to share a quick story.

When I decided to go to college at the age of 25, it was a very challenging part of my life. I was a father and had decided to leave my career job as a Sous Chef at Marriott / Merrill Lynch at the World Financial Center in NYC to eat ramen noodles at the SUNY College at Old Westbury Dorms. Shortly before deciding to attend the university… I met some some really progressive Latinos that helped me fill out my college application, helped me look into scholarships and one brother Victor Latimer and his family even let me live with them in El Barrio for 2 months as I prepared to leave an apartment to delve into Campus Life.

Fast forward a year, in the spring of 1997 I decided to join that group of Latinos called Phi Iota Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Phi Iota Alpha or Phiotas as they are called on campuses across the country is the oldest Latino fraternity in existence.

Phi Iota Alpha's mission is to develop leaders, & create innovative ways to unite the Latino community. Our fraternity's roots extend from the late 19th century to the first Latino fraternity, & the first Latino student organization in the United States.

Within the Fraternity I am known as "El Renacido" which means "One Who Is Reborn". I am still active with the organization particularly with the Theta Chapter at SUNY Old Westbury. Phiota provided the foundation and mindshare that I needed to see how communities are built and great ideas executed… My experience and the amistad I gained is priceless.


Our brotherhood is composed of university, & professional men committed towards the empowerment of the Latin American community. We do this by providing social, cultural programs & activities geared towards the appreciation, promotion & preservation of Latin American culture.

Because I am so proud of things my brother's do, I wanted to highlight just a few brothers that have recently made headlines.

So here is a list of just 5 Phiota's that are doing amazing things in the their respective fields.

There are so many more… I may add more as time goes by, but I want you to know that even on the undergraduate level, these men are distinguished and continue to redefine what is expected from Latino men in the USA.

If you are interested in more information about Phi Iota Alpha, visit our National Website at www.

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5 Brothers of Phi Iota Alpha You Should Know About