Published On: Tue, Nov 29th, 2011

4 Ways To Help A Child Smile In Brooklyn This Christmas!

So here we are, just under 3 weeks before our Pa'l Pueblo event and we are getting ready for the biggest Christmas party of the year… As I told you in my previous blog post – How I became Santa… We are gearing up for Pa'l Pueblo…

The Pa'l Pueblo charity movement is just like the mythical North Pole, except we do not make gifts (at least not yet)… instead, we raise money, buy, wrap and deliver the gifts for the children at an in school celebration in which the kids give back by way of song and dance, singing multicultural Christmas carols. That is what makes this initiative so important to us at Capicu Cultural Showcase.

After losing 80% of the funding for our event, we refuse to give up… we are here partnering with YOU, our community that understands why we do what we do.

Many of you have been asking HOW CAN I HELP?

Here are 4 things you can do to help… pick one, we would appreciate it.

1. COME TO PA'L PUEBLO… the easiest one on the list. We have an amazing show planned with traditional Latino Christmas Aguinaldos courtesy of Estampas De Borinquen, a local music group with an amazing new Christmas album out. Here is what you get, a hot Latino Buffet, an incredible music / poetry / comedy show that has been given strong co-signs by the most influential people in the cultural community and the satisfaction of knowing that you own one of the smiles we will deliver on Christmas Day. Here are the details on Eventbrite… and on FacebookRSVP TODAY

2. HELP PROMOTE PA'L PUEBLO… Since you may be coming to Pa'l Pueblo anyway, make a night of it and invite some friends by sending them the Eventbrite link or Share the event on Facebook. (psssst. Did I mention we will have amazing raffles the day of the event… in previous years we have given away XBox games, Big Screen TVs and even a Laptop…. but you have to be there to win!)



3. SPONSOR PA'L PUEBLO… Our collective community (Sofrito + Capicu) reaches over 15k Latino professionals and college students in our area alone. We can discuss high impact campaigns and sponsorship opportunities with your budget in mind… call us -516-690-7397 or look at our pre-set sponsor packages at

4. CANNOT ATTEND BUT STILL WANT TO HELP?... I know some of you may have other plans w/ family that close to the holidays…. or maybe your not even in NYC but you still want to help. You can contribute by using the individual sponsor link at and setting your own dollar amount… each $10 dollars you contribute helps us get a gift in the hands of a Brooklyn child.


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4 Ways To Help A Child Smile In Brooklyn This Christmas!