Published On: Tue, Oct 10th, 2017

4 Organizations Providing Direct Aid To Puerto Rico That We Can Trust.


22308568_10155851727839169_5653046561371572227_nThe past 20 days have been a mix of anxiety, sorrow and desperation for many of us still waiting to hear from loved ones impacted by Hurricane Maria’s blow to our island of Puerto Rico. It has also been the source of the largest scale movement within the diaspora to provide assistance to the island residents with many donation drives going 7 days a week… and more fundraisers planned to get basic humanitarian aid to the island.

I have already shared large scale efforts by the Governor of New York and other orgs with regular planes leaving the NYC Tristate with supplies. The issue here is that not everyone has access, not everyone is in San Juan. Based on previous storms in other islands, there are also organizations that our community have little or no faith in.

I wanted to start sharing a running list of organizations that are independent grassroots movements providing aid directly to the people.

I continue to be of service to a few organizations assisting in leveraging my relationships to overcome logistic hrdles and aquire resources.

I am very interested in getting on the island soon to asses and document real conditions so that I can identify gaps in places that need assistance. If you know someone that can get me on the island, connect with me ASAP.

IMPORTANT: This list is really much longer, There are many organizations doing the work. we are carefully vetting the organizations and certifying their efforts to make sure we give you the most accurate info.

We are also focusing on organizations that have all the logistics  figured out. Most of these initiatives are open to partnering with orgs that have not figured out transportation

We will continue to build this list, you can help by reading the call to action below.


George Torres

Let’s get right into it.

Rock Steady For Life



(Water Filters)

Founded by Richard “Crazy Legs” Colón of the legendary Rock Steady Crew, Rock Steady For Life is committed to helping the people of Puerto Rico in the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Maria—and beyond. The island is without electricity and running water, and major flooding has left people’s homes completely uninhabitable. The short- and long-term effects of this damage is unimaginable.

With the help of Red Bull, Waves For Water and artists of the Puerto Rican diaspora—Puerto Rico Rob, DJ Enuff, DJ Tony Touch, DJ DP One, DJ G-Bo The Pro, Port Morris Distillery—we are raising funds to support on-the-ground efforts of getting much-needed water filtration and purification systems to areas of the island that have been harder to get to. Funds will also support the Boys & Girls Club of Isabela in their efforts of providing shelter, food and necessities to people in need.

We will do our best to help our friends and families get in touch with their loved ones on the island. And, we will post updates whenever possible to keep you informed of our progress.

Any amount helps! TOGETHER, we can—and will—help rebuild the infrastructure of the island, and help our brothers and sisters rebuild their lives.

All funds and withdrawals are managed by Richard “Crazy Legs” Colón. We are committed to full transparency of where these funds are being allocated and will post regularly as we deliver donations.

Donations Can Be Made By Clicking Here 


TAÍNAS UNIDAS is a group dedicated to the Hurricane Maria relief effort in restoring normalcy and providing support to those affected. We collect, transport and distribute items directly to those in need. We fundraise and work with local on-the-ground partners in affected areas to ensure efficient use of funds and support refugees who have been relocated due to the disaster. Founded by women in Newark, NJ -yet open to all- we emphasize grassroots partnership in relief efforts.
Operating out of Taino Hall in Newark NJ, they are receiving donations daily and just today they have a plane with 80,000lbs of relief on the island to their network for distribution. The leadership is traveling with the shipment to ensure it gets to the right people.
They are always looking for volunteers…
so if you cannot donate aid or money, consider being part of the team that makes it happen.

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El Maestro

22309006_946761832159565_1805309376915540449_nThe mission of El Maestro is to preserve the identity, history and cultural legacies of the Puerto Rican Community for the benefit of our future generations and to the benefit of society and the world. Since its foundation, the center has been developing a series of events and activities, which focus on traditional and contemporary Puerto Rican cultural expressions such as music, dance and literature. 

For Puerto Ricans, whose immigrant and settlement experience has been one of displacement rather than assimilation, the creation of community rooted institutions like the Cultural & Educational Center, El Maestro , has enabled some level of control over our immediate environment and, in the process, make it possible for us to rediscover and reconnect with our identity, our history and cultural heritage. Institutions like El Maestro help stabilize and revitalize our communities.

El Maestro is a community endeavor to transform a social void into a valuable community space. Because El Maestro functions as a social and cultural center for the entire community, it is a safe environment where the whole family can safely socialize and participate in our ongoing programs and activities, while reinforcing the most valuable ties, which unite them. It is a haven for citizens of all.

Since the storm, El Maestro has been a driving force in the Bronx in assisting with humanitarian aid to Puerto Rico.

Here is their request via their fundraising page

We have about 3 shipping containers worth of food, water and other supplies ready to be shipped to Puerto Rico. It will take about 6/7 days for the containers to arrive at the San Juan port. They will be inspected by customs and then picked up by our contacts, a non for profit agency called Corporación Piñones Se Integra. They have drivers and other personnel ready to handle the logistics of the operation and distribution. Each container costs about $3500 to ship. The value of the contents far exceeds the shipping cost. If you can, please donate so we can get these desperately needed supplies directly into the hands of the people. Thank you!

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Donate To El Maestro Now.


Last but not least…


Acacia Network

“Acacia was the first organization to donate to rebuild PR. They donated 1 Million the morning the hurricane hit. I trust in Raul Russi and his team. On their donation website you can see what they are doing with the money:

– Rosa Cruz (El Centro)

Most importantly, I trust them.

My organization has worked with Acacia in the past, and I personally think that they have been the most transparent in disclosing where the money is going and most importantly they are not reinventing the wheel. They are carefully vetting organizations to support with a focus on direct aid. 

Their official statement: 100% of your donation goes directly to our programs and is monitored by rigorous evaluation to ensure it is making a difference.

Home Acacia NetworkAbout the Acacia Tree
The Acacia is a desert tree with an impressive umbrella-shaped canopy. It is one of the ancient trees mentioned in the Old Testament, and to this day provides sustenance and shelter in the harsh and often unforgiving environment where it grows. The bark and sap of the tree are used for medicinal purposes in many parts of the world. Its roots seek out water and minerals that are well below the surface. Like the Acacia tree – Acacia Network stands in places of need, has well developed roots, and nurtures the community to reach its potential.


Acacia Network’s mission is to partner with our communities, lead change, and promote healthy and prosperous individuals and families in a HEALTH NEIGHBORHOOD environment.


Our focus on excellence is driven by our employees’ ideas and contributions to shape and lead the organization. We strive to incorporate best practices and stimulate innovation.

The foundation of our success is the members of the Acacia family who devote their time, talent, and resources to those who entrust their care to us. We are genuine, compassionate, professional, transparent, and responsible.

Customer Service
We affirm the unique identity of those we serve, treating each with friendliness, dignity, respect, care and compassion. Our values are inherent in our desire to provide exceptional customer service.

We engender trust and provide solutions toward our common goal to lead change and provide the highest quality of integrated care. We make our ethics and values clear by living them each day, and tenaciously uphold our organizational culture that recognizes and supports the diverse strength of the Acacia Network.

Visit their website and donate today!



I need your help, in identifying other organizations with integrity so that I can leverage my voice to make sure that they get support and that 100% of all of our collective efforts impacts the lives of our familias on the island.

Please email me your submissions —


4 Organizations Providing Direct Aid To Puerto Rico That We Can Trust.