Published On: Tue, Dec 31st, 2013

2014 is almost here… and I want to THANK YOU!

gratitudeand even though I am technically on a blogging vacation, getting ready for some of our exciting new challenges that lie ahead, I could not let this year end without  showing gratitude and thanking you for all of your support.

This has been a very challenging year, we started the year losing a friend and pioneer, Louis Pagan in the Latino Media Circle… and everything after that as challenging as it may have seemed did not at all feel all that important. It made me think heavily about the concept of legacy. It made me think about what may happen to this blog if I am no longer here to write. It made me think about #CapicuCulture and how Papo and I will finish the work we started in Brooklyn. It made me think about my personal health and how I can use the lessons I have learned to really help save lives in the Latino community using technology. It made me think about YOU… so many of you have been around since 1997…and have seen this website group grow since I first went live in 1997 on Geo-Cities. You have followed our movement thru platforms like AOL Chat, Mi Gente, Black Planet, Friendster, My Space, Facebook, Twitter and the list keeps growing.

This year we had some considerable milestones like our history making #PorTuFamilia campaign, recognition on both the local and national level and once again, thanks to your generosity we were able to make holiday dreams come true for 500 kids in Bushwick and a local foster home.

So to all have you that have read, seen, listened, tweeted, instagram’d, shared a status or told a story that uplifts our people and preserves our culture… I thank you, know that you are the reason I do this.

To those of you who have invested in us… thru your time or financially to any of the projects we have put together or supported in this calendar year, I thank you. Your generosity impacted thousands of people in our collective communities, I hope we did our part in showing you a return on investment.

To those of you that take time to share / seek  collaboration, mind share, wisdom and mentor ship… some of you strangers, some of you are friends…others family… I thank you… I hope that I have shown you gratitude in my actions. I look forward to another year of building a solid relationship with you in the interest of mutual growth.

I am not resolving anything this year… any different than what I resolve each day, to be a better ME, so we can be a better US tomorrow.

Thanks again.

As I am,

George Torres
The Urban Jibaro

Cultivando Cultura since 1997…
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2014 is almost here… and I want to THANK YOU!