Published On: Mon, Oct 20th, 2008

Urban Jibaro’s 25 Twitter A-Listers you must follow….

Red_carpet Now for those of you that do not know, I have an intense addiction to everything mobile (Blackberries, smartphones and most recently my Android G1) By the way…my idea of a perfect phone is one that can keep me away from my desk without hindering my productivity. Recently while exploring blogs…I read about the mobile application called "Twitter" and I decided to try it out.

I downloaded the application and indulged in a 90 day binge of reading tweets from all kind of people about things as simple as what they had for breakfast to what their meaning of life is. As a collective we shared news, asked questions, shared resources, described life's idiosyncrasies at a record rate.

Now me being the Urban Jibaro…I naturally sought out Latinos who are using twitter and found a great group of people who actually bring a very wide range of interests to my daily routine, not all of them Latino…(shout out to Eathan (@IDateWhite), my brother from another mother)

Here is my list of Twitter A-Listers…now it is important to mention that these people were selected based on consistency and quality of their interactions online. Because of these 25 "Tweeters" My days are filled with friendly exchanges, informative news alerts, funny moments and so much more…check them out today!

Now I know I will get emails from some people close to me are on twitter but they only have 4 tweets under their belt…they did not make the list…sorry mi gente…YOU GOTTA BE IN IT TO WIN IT….

Now on to the A-List of Twittizens

(in no particular order, well except number 1 because she is my favorite artist)

Urban Jibaro's 25 Twitter A-Listers you must follow….

  1. @MariaSanchez– Amazing Painter, created the official Sofrito For Your Soul painting
  2. @MamitaMala– Editor of and the coolest Latina on Twitter!
  3. @NancyMarmolejo– La Comadre of anyone looking to succeed in business, she is a guru.
  4. @ChunkyRican– YouTube Star!!! (I am starting a fan club)
  5. @Nezua – Founder of The Unapologetic Mexican
  6. @Literanista – She sponsored our Latino Heritage Month Book giveaway…Thanks V.
  7. @CraftyChica– She is the Latina martha Stewart
  8. @Hispanicity – Latino Social Network
  9. @Mestrich– Photographer & Entreprenuer
  10. @BiancaLaureano – Sex Educator, fierce haired pro sex Puerto Rican
  11. @HugoStyle– The illest graf artest in Chi-Town
  12. @RickSanchezCNN – TV News Anchor, tweet him and he will put you on TV
  13. @Afreytes– Blogger
  14. @AngelMcClinton– Media Guru, on camera glamour gal and off camera geek.
  15. @IDateWhite– Blogger on the topic of interracial dating
  16. @LunasDream-Blogger
  17. @CorrienteLatina – Latino Internet Portal
  18. @BlogDiva– Media Diva…doesnt her name say it all?
  19. @LatinaPRPro – Public Relations…she will make you a star!!!!
  20. @AlmaKometa– Just a reallly cool chica!
  21. @ModernMamiA mom trying to make it in the modern world.
  22. @BillSantiago – A verrrrrrry funny funny comedian.
  23. @PapoSwiggity - Master of Ceremonies, Co-Founder of Capicu Poetry & Cultural Showcase 
  24. @Zulmara – Entreprenuer, founder of
  25. @Ramcosca– Blogger and just a really cool techie like me.


Urban Jibaro’s 25 Twitter A-Listers you must follow….