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2 Powerful Tips to Flatten Your Belly Y Quemar Grasa Abdominal

Summer is fast approaching and you know what that means . . . it is hot body season! It is time for the beach and sun and all kinds of outdoor activities with friends and family. Time to show off what you have been training for, you cant hide those chichos under winter clothes anymore! In this article, Coach Yari gives us a couple of great tips for burning fat and getting a flat belly to make your transition into summer as smooth as possible. ~ Joey Olivo


Every time I’m around my family from Puerto Rico they tell me “Yari, quiero bajar estos chichos” as they explicitly grab their love handles to demonstrate that they are real! LOL!


Just like I love to share with them, I’d love to share with you because I know how important it is to feel confident in our body! Before I dive into it, I just want to point out that doing long hours of cardio, tons of crunches, and strict dieting won’t be the answer you get from me.

So Let’s Get that Flatter Belly!

How to lose those “chichitos” for Good:

Tip Numero Uno: Eat Your “Arroz con Abichuelas” for Dinner, NOT for lunch. Que, Que?

I know, I’m probably the first coach or expert ever to tell you that.  Probably you’ve heard to eat carbs for breakfast and stop eating them at noon or not past 6 PM. I, however, am going to share with you an empowering and different perspective so you see why this may not be your best option.

Red beans and rice, prepared with smoked spani...

Red beans and rice, prepared with smoked spanish paprika. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Carbs 101: If you eat heavy carbs during the day, like rice and beans or a guava and cheese pastelito,  you are actually setting yourself up to either eat more sweets, more carbs, or coffee as a pick me up. This happens because when you eat carbs like rice and beans, bread, tortillas, and even oatmeal it increases your insulin (hormone that regulates blood sugar) and decreases your cortisol ( fight or flight energy hormone). Cortisol is supposed to be highest between 6-9 am, and lowest after 6 PM. If you interfere with your body’s natural rhythm and energy by eating a food that lowers cortisol, then your body will think it needs more carbs because sugar (whether its cane sugar or carbs which are converted into sugar)  releases the feel good hormone seratonin and temporarily gives you energy. The extra sugar in your body will be converted into fat if not burned off. Also, when insulin is secreted  there is zero room to burn fat. In simple terms, If You eat carbs, Insulin goes up, no room for fat burn and fight or flight/energy hormone cortisol decreases at a time of day when it needs to be high!

During your day eat foods that wont spike up your insulin that much (small amount or low glycemic) and save your “arroz y abichuelas” for evening meal at least 2 hours before going to bed ideally.


Sample Day Menu:

Breakfast: 2-3 eggs or protein shake with a few berries, almond milk or water, ice.

Snack: Hand full of Almendras

Lunch: Big Salad, avocado with 4 to 8 oz Salmon or protein of your choice

Snack: 12- 16 oz of Green Cold pressed Juice ( I like mine with Celery, Carrot, Green Apple, Spinach, and lemon)

Dinner: 1/2 cup to 1 cup Arroz con Abichuelas, Grilled or Steamed Veggies, with Chicken or Steak.


For portion sizes:  Chew your food more and listen to when your body feels satisfied, not overstuffed.  We are all unique so Listen to your body! Simple.


When buying your food: Go as organic as possible. If the meats aren’t organic, at least make sure they are hormone or antibiotic free. This will aid the process of your body’s natural ability to heal itself.


Tip Numero 2: Work on your Core and Do Short Bursts of Energetic Workouts!

Getting a Flat Belly is not all about doing crunches. Here is a great video demonstration for working on your core.

Choosing to do shorter bursts of higher intensity instead of longer durational cardio will accelerate your fat loss by increasing the amount of fat calories being burned at rest while your body is in repairing and recovering. Instead of spending 30 min to an hour doing cardio on a machine, a better option is to do a fast sprint, jog, or walk for 30 seconds to one minute to where you begin breathing heavy by the end of it. For the next minute or two take it down a notch, repeat it about 3-6 more times. Increase intensity as you go.

Personal Training at a Gym - Pushups Category:...

Personal Training at a Gym – Pushups Category:Fitness_training Category:Personal_training (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Applying these two powerful tips will allow you to see a flatter belly in no time and feel amazing! Adios Chichos!


Ed Note:  Coach Yari (Ya-di), a 13 year Fitness Life Coach, is one of the most motivational and empowering fitness personalities in the world today. She has been a featured expert on CNN Espanol , CNN Latino, Azteca America, Univision, Fitness Rx Radio, and  official trainer for the show on MTV called “I Used To Be Fat”. For her Free Report “21 Foods that Make You Fat” go to




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2 Powerful Tips to Flatten Your Belly Y Quemar Grasa Abdominal